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Things to Keep in Mind About Stapling

Changes to superannuation guarantee legislation which took effect from 1 November 2021 means that if you change jobs, your super will follow you. This 'staples' your current fund to you throughout your working life, ... Read More

Discounted First Aid Courses for members!

There’s a brand new benefit you can access as an ASU member: up to 30% off First Aid Training.  For instance, the popular Provide First Aid 2 Day Training Course is 21% less for ASU members who use the booking ... Read More

Australian Super: Give your super the attention it deserves

Super is like a savings plan for when you give up work. Although that may be some time away for you, there are some things you can do while you’re working to make the most of your super. Here are a few ways to give ... Read More

ACCDP - free for all Social and Community Services ASU members.

Did you know membership of the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners is included for all Social and Community Services ASU members?Click here to read the ACCDP brochure, or contact the Member Services ... Read More

Buying a new car? Call Best Price for Cars

ASU WA Branch members can access a car buying service, Best Price for Cars.This service organises your motor vehicle purchase and trade-in and can also assist with your novated lease.Click here for more information and ... Read More

Access members-only training with ASU Launchpad

ASU Launchpad offers members a range of training courses, from regular webinars that you can participate in live with members from around the country to video on demand from previously run courses.To check out the current ... Read More

Tips from ME: What drives women’s money decisions?

This article is brought to you by ME.Research[1] shows women are often motivated by one key driver when it comes to managing money – and it’s not their own financial wellbeing.Since 2011, industry super ... Read More

Tips from ME: Five first home buyer traps to avoid

This article is brought to you by ME.The number of first home buyers in Australia’s housing market has hit a six-year high, according to new ABS data[1], but when it comes to buying a home, errors can prove ... Read More

Tips from ME: 5 signs you have ‘bank-xiety’

This article is brought to you by ME.If you’re worried about your current bank, you’re not alone. 94% of Australians are worried that the big banks aren’t acting in their best interests. Half of all ... Read More

Tips from ME: Five ways to prepare for a financial emergency before it strikes

This article is brought to you by ME. Putting plans in place for a financial emergency could help you navigate a storm when it happens. Industry super fund-owned bank ME explains the steps to take.Hopefully ... Read More

Tips from ME: Tidy up your finances like Marie Kondo

This article is brought to you by ME.Letting go can be liberating. Industry super fund-owned bank ME looks at four ways to declutter your finances, inspired by tidying guru Marie Kondo. Decluttering expert Marie Kondo is ... Read More

Tips from ME: Reach your financial goals without giving up your daily coffee

This article is brought to you by ME. If you consider the average Australian wedding costs around $36,200[1] and the average home loan is around $384,700[2], reaching your financial goals can seem like a daunting ... Read More

Positive credit habits to cultivate in the New Year

Industry super fund-owned bank ME offers some tips to curb poor credit habits and enjoy a prosperous 2019.Credit cards can be an extremely handy cash management tool.  However, research by ME has found 70% of ... Read More

Beat the top five financial stresses of 2019

Feeling the pinch of financial stress? Industry super fund-owned bank ME identifies some of the top financial concerns facing Australian households – and what you can do to beat them in 2019.Slow wage growthIf your ... Read More