Securing the future for energy workers

Tuesday 17 Nov 2020

Change is inevitable. The future of energy is changing as improved renewable energy technologies are developed and become available.

Our Union has been in discussions with Synergy since September 2018 about just transition.

Making sure that the State Government and Synergy are on board with ensuring that this change is carried out in a way so that there is Just Transition for the workers is of the highest importance to our Union.

Now we are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Synergy, the WA State Government and WA’s energy unions to support workers at Muja Power Station in Collie.

An agreement like this wouldn't be possible if our WA electricity utilities weren't in public hands. Change in the energy industry is inevitable, but having publicly owned electricity providers enables the WA State Government to plan for the future and ensure workers are supported.

This is the first step for a Just Transition agreement for the whole community of Collie and its future.