Asia Ban Asbestos Network - global open letter

Friday 09 Feb 2018

The Asia Ban Asbestos Network (ABAN) in cooperation with Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA has launched a global open letter calling on scientists, researchers and doctors and those representing victims of asbestos related disease to sign on and help stem the future epidemic of avoidable cancers in Asia and counter the lies and misinformation from the asbestos industry.

At the request of Phillip Hazelton, the APHEDA Campaign Co-ordinator, the ACTU have assisted by circulating a link to the letter.

The open letter will be open for signatures until 15 February 2018. The open letter will then be presented to governments across Asia in 2018 to help demonstrate the overwhelming evidence on the harmful impacts for their people, environment and economies of continuing to use chrysotile asbestos when so many alternatives are available.

Details of how to sign on to the letter are available here.