ABCC could interrogate local council workers

Thursday 23 Jun 2016

This Federal election was triggered by the Liberal/National Coalition Government because they want to pass their ABCC legislation with a new “Building Code” to increase its powers.  If re-elected, the Liberal Party’s intention is to make their changes to the ABCC legislation.

The ASU has requested clarification directly from Senator Michaelia Cash regarding the Coalition’s ABCC legislation and what effect it will have on local government, energy and water employees.

This clarification is of particular importance to ASU member who work in local government, energy and water, who could be dragged before an ABCC inquiry, into closed hearings. Our members would be gagged from talking about the experience later, even to their advocate, the ASU. It may allow your employer to change your wages and conditions and our ability to defend your rights.  It could take away your salary system and classification structure overnight and you could revert to the basics in a Federal Modern Award.

So far, there has been no response from the Senator.

To ensure you are informed about what this could mean for you and other ASU members, please take the time to read the attached newsletter.