Qantas abandons Australian call centre jobs – again!

Monday 06 Feb 2017

At a time when Australians are crying out for more investment in jobs and skills, Australia’s national carrier Qantas has decided to change provider for their frequent flyer loyalty program. This decision, made with the stroke of a pen by some highly paid Executive with a Sydney harbour view, means that over 100 loyal and skilled Melbourne based call centre workers will lose their jobs by June this year.

The work will now be performed in Manila (Philippines) and New Zealand where presumably Qantas will benefit from doing business with off-shore providers that have cheap labour costs.

Qantas benefits and profits hugely from its reputation on safety and service. The service that is provided by hard working Australians.

The ASU believes that Qantas has an obligation to invest some of those profits back into Australian jobs rather than continuing to off-shore critical functions and services

This is a bad decision.


How to support our members

If you agree and you want to support our members please make a comment on the Qantas Facebook page or tweet using the @qantas handle. If you’re a frequent flyer or Qantas customer, send them some feedback about this bad decision by filling out the online customer feedback form.