WA Super

The Western Australian Super that’s always had Western Australians’ interests at heart. We’re an industry fund that’s been looking after Western Australians’ super for decades, managing over $2 billion of their savings. That’s why we can offer thorough knowledge of superannuation as well as flexible choices and low fees.  WA_Super

We aim to ensure our members are provided with the financial services and advice they need to make the most of their investments during their working lives and throughout their retirement. From the clear, simple, straightforward general advice our members need to make sure they understand everything about super, to personalised financial planning that can help members tailor their investments to their own exact needs and wants, WA Super has the financial expertise to help every one of our members retire the way they want to

WA Super, making sure Western Australians have the RIGHT to retire how they want to and get treated RIGHT along the way.

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