Great savings on International Transfers for ASU WA members.

Many people use their bank for international money transfers, simply because it’s easy. However, your bank could be charging you excessive fees and giving you poor exchange rates.

In partnership with ASU WA, OFX offers members fast transfers at lower rates than all the banks completely fee-free. Save yourself thousands in excessive fees, simply by using your ASU WA Member Advantage benefits program.

OFX can be used for practically everything. From making mortgage repayments on overseas properties to paying international invoices or medical expenses. You can even pay for your family’s international education fees.

Register for free today with no obligation and enjoy: 

  • Zero transaction fees (for payments above $250 AUD)
  • Extremely competitive foreign exchange rates across 55 currencies
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated FX Dealer by phone or online
  • Complete exchange rate transparency and email exchange rate alerts
  • And more

Discover your full range of discounts today, visit the ASU WA Member Benefits website or call 1300 853 352.